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Name   :   Godfroy ALI
Aka     :     Meckanimal
Height :    5'9" (175cm)
Weight:    180lbs(81kg)
Eye Clr :    Brown
Body T :    Athletic
Race    :    Black

Born on June 20 1986 on the coast of west africa
Meckanimal grew up in Benin where he spent majority of his life .
Even though at early age he showed signs of intellectual sharpness
he never fully understood how to use it
and therefore didn't take advantage of it until few years later.
From then on he proved himself really efficient
and always ended up among the best if not the best of his classmates.
He eventually graduated from high school at the age of 15 majoring in Mathemtics and Physics.
Afterward he moved to the USA in order to pursue his studies.

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In 2010 while browsing the internet he landed
on a youtube video where there was a man called HANNIBAL FOR KING.
This humble looking like man was exhibiting some very cool
freakish skills that Meckanimal never saw before.
Not only was he performing with impressive display of strength
he also had a mind blowing physique.
That was when his life took a new turn .
With no experience whatsoever of fitness in general
he set out on a calisthenics journey which within 3 months
turned out fruitful (April 2010 to July 2010 as shown on the homepage transformation image).
Phase 1 (Physique Enhancement) of my goal was completed already.
The days following july 2010 were merely complementary time for
perfecting endurance and strength (Phase 2 is still in the process).

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