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PULLING Exercises

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Also know as LATISSIMUS DORSI the major part of the back muscle is one of the largest (the largest one of the upper body) of the human body.
Working them out properly is overrinding given it is one of the muscle we don't use on a daily basis.That being said its stimulation will be important step to getting you to where you need to be.
Even though the back muscle shouldn't be worked out too often technically, because large muscle take more time to recover, back exercises especially PULLUPS are one of my favorites exercises that i do almost everyday.Therefore I just learned to pace myself in order to avoid injuries or condition such as Rhabdomyolosis.

Pullups will focus on the Lats, but work the Traps, Rhomboids, Lats, spinal erectors, biceps, shoulders, and other less specific muscles.

The following pictures represent some of the CORE exercises i use for my PULLING workout routines.
However i will address few routines later on another page.

Regular grip pullup
(Basic Pullup)

Close grip grip pullup
(Advanced Pullup)

Wide grip pullup
(Advanced Pullup)

Behind the neck pullup (Not recommended if not mobile)
(Advanced Pullup)

Sentry Pullup (also known as Muscle-up)
(Advanced Pullup)

L-sitted pullup
(Advanced Pullup)
That legs lifting will challenge your core strength
and overall control of the your movement

Australian pullup
(Basic Pullup)



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